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Our strength in Systems Integration is built on sound long-term relationships with the world’s leading technology vendors. Applying the highest standards of professionalism, Logicom Solutions is an indispensable link in the technology supply chain, facilitating mutually beneficial relationships with channel partners.​

A leader in technology and systems integration

Logicom Solutions holds a leading position in the industry segments it covers as a trust-worthy, reliable, long-term partner

Sharing the benefits of economies of scale

At Logicom Solutions, we enjoy substantial economies of scale while fostering strong business partner relationships in an expanding geographical reach.

Building on loyalty and respect

Building on the loyalty and respect of our business partners, we manage to maintain momentum while exhibiting substantial yearly growth and providing added value for all stakeholders.

Streamlined, highly efficient operations

We strive to be most effective in managing our accounts receivable in order to continuously minimize working capital requirements, through timely collections, disciplined credit limits, customer terms and process efficiencies.

Global reach and local expertise

We count on an extended network of international vendors and the drive and dedication of our local people in order to provide our customers with best-in-class products and services.

Investing in continuous growth

We aspire to continuously be in a position to support growth initiatives and invest in profitable growth opportunities wherever they occur, inside or outside our territory.

You can contact us directly for quotes, support, details about our offices around the world, or anything else on our Contact us page.
The Logicom Group has regional and sales offices in 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Visit our individual countries’ websites for country specific information.