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Maintenance & Support

Logicom Solutions' Technical Support Services provide the technical and operational expertise to help you get the most out of your Information technology systems and applications.

By providing immediate Telephone support, our expert consultants can assist you in overcoming day-to- day setbacks that could in some cases halt your operation.  Our on-site support services consists of system and infrastructure support, upgrades, installations, data recovery, correction of damaged or corrupted data, database administration and system tuning in order to ensure the smooth operation of your IT systems.


Logicom Solutions combines its deep expertise in cutting-edge technology along with its extensive experience in delivering complex, integrated projects on time and within budget in order to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can meet the unique business and technical requirements of each organization.
At Logicom Solutions we recognize that each industry has unique business requirements. Therefore, we capitalize on our vast local experience, coupled with the extensive international experience of the technology giants we partner with, in order to deliver technologically advanced, industry-specific solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives.