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​​Logicom Solutions offers a wide range of Consulting Services covering the areas of IT Strategy Development, IT Design Services, Technology Consulting, Business Consulting and Information Security Consulting.

IT Strategy Development

Logicom Solutions provides IT Strategy Development services in order to assiste its customers to design a global business application landscape. Based on the customer’s future-business map, Logicom Solutions Ltd defines a framework of all app​​lication and infrastructure systems, their relationships as well as the appropriate IT management model.

IT Design Services

Logicom Solutions provides infrastructure, security, enterprise management and applications expertise with which to design and implement the IT needs of a wide range of companies.  This includes IT design services for complete systems integration of complex turnkey IT systems by certified engineers

Technology Consulting

Logicom Solutions provides advisory services that help clients assess different technology strategies, thus aligning their technology strategy with their business or process strategy.  While technology consulting is a service in itself, it is an integral part of any technology project that Logicom Solutions Ltd undertakes.  The experience of our consultants does not only ensure the adoption of the most optimal technology strategy but effectively minimizes the risks of a project and ensures a clean starting point for its implementation.

Business Consulting

Logicom Solutions provides advisory services to help senior management improve the effectiveness of corporate strategy and processes.  This is accomplished by assessing business needs, reviewing business functions, plans and directions, and identifying the relevant information technology solution that can support the operations and long-term goals of an organization. 

Information Security Consulting

Logicom Solutions provides Information Security Consulting Services in order to provide organizations with the ability to establish the necessary processes with which to prevent the destruction, theft, alteration or misuse of sensitive information. This process involves a deep understanding of external drivers such as compliance and governance, as well as internal drivers including audit, new technology initiatives and business partner requirements.  By understanding the "drivers" of organizations, along with the existing security controls and processes, a security framework can be developed by Logicom Solutions Ltd using industry best practices for security and compliance, which is the starting point where IT organizations can begin to operate in order to meet their business objectives. ​

Logicom Solutions combines its deep expertise in cutting-edge technology along with its extensive experience in delivering complex, integrated projects on time and within budget in order to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can meet the unique business and technical requirements of each organization.
At Logicom Solutions we recognize that each industry has unique business requirements. Therefore, we capitalize on our vast local experience, coupled with the extensive international experience of the technology giants we partner with, in order to deliver technologically advanced, industry-specific solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives.