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​Logicom Solutions offers a range of easy, affordable and robust solutions for small and medium size businesses, whether it is collaboration, security, connectivity or business software. We understand that you want solutions that work, no matter what. We take pride in providing our industry-leading technology to small and medium businesses in a way that's powerful enough to be an enterprise-sized solution, yet for smaller companies. Logicom Solutions has the answer for your business.

Collaborate securely and effectively within your company and with partners and customers using Logicom solutions collaboration solutions. Distances and barriers between team members is eliminated; using the traditional media, PC or telephone or Video conferencing, team members can exchange ideas and information wether these are documents and data, voice, or live video enhancing their productivity, efficiency and business communication.

Digital Media Signage
Another solution that has been hatched to enhance the workspace is Digital Media Signage. It is a dynamic way to affordably and effectively communicate within your company or with your clients. Traditional flyers, announcement boards are now available in electronic form via Digital Signage. Businesses and companies of any type, hospitals, hotels, schools, law offices, retails, restaurants, can utilize digital signage and benefit from it. They can dynamically display public information, or internal information, put advertisement or menu information, enhancing customer experience or influencing customer behaviour.

You may easily identify what physical security is all about. But how about Information Technology systems and business security? There is nothing as essential as SMB-SME security. Your network and datacentre infrastructure provides access to critical applications and hosts sensitive company and customer data. Viruses, spyware, and malware; these malicious programs can harm your business, by installing themselves through e-mail and visits to websites and can record sensitive for the company information. To protect your business we are offering various and at different level technologies that built the necessary security walls for both software and hardware of a company.

Network and Datacenter Infrastructure
Information Technology operations is important aspect of most organizational operations of a company, since is the media to either automate the operations or give you access to the rest of the business world. One of the main concerns of modern businesses is the business continuity, since companies rely on their information systems to run their operations. Whether you look for a simple network or datacenter infrastructure, or you look for a more complex and reliable solution, Logicom Solutions have the expertise to consult, implement and support modern network and datacenter infrastructure. Converged Networks, LAN, WAN, Wireless, Storage, Backup Systems, Virtualization, Network and Systems Management solutions are some of the solutions our team provides.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud Solutions is a variety of Information Technology solutions that involve a large number of computers around the globe connected through a communication network such as the Internet. A company can have secure access to essential for their operations technologies which are available "in the cloud", i.e. securely access software, platforms and infrastructure that are available "as a service". These can be "rental" of storage, or infrastructure to run and access business software, or it can be the actual software such as electronic office tools that can be accessed, used and yet be licensed via purchase them as a service.

Business Software

Business software or business application is any software or set of computer programs that are used by business users to perform various business functions. These business applications are used to increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform business functions accurately. Such business applications are also provided and supported by our team; a list of such software, but not limited, is laying to Payroll, CRM, ERP, Web Content Management & Portals, Service Desk, etc.

Logicom Solutions combines its deep expertise in cutting-edge technology along with its extensive experience in delivering complex, integrated projects on time and within budget in order to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can meet the unique business and technical requirements of each organization.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Logicom Solutions provides a host of services which cover all phases of ICT projects and all major market segments from Telco/ISP, Finance and Banking, Government, Education and Enterprise.