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Banking / Finance

​The Banking and Finance sectors have an ever-changing digital world. As challenging as the current operating environment may be, we can partner with a Bank and drive it through a course of profitable growth. Logicom Solutions can manage the business and technology related challenges banks and financial institutions face every day. Logicom Solutions could help respond to adapt to the industry changes, we help you stay in the frontline of the digital world.  We can engage with a Banking institution in the following areas:​


Logicom Solutions collaborates with industry-leading consulting companies (with a successful and long track record in the banking industry) to provide a wide range of value-added services, including, but not limited to, the analysis and implementation of the building blocks that lead to sustainable profitable growth, definition of Go-to-Market strategies, transformation of the Bank's interaction with its customers, Branch process redesign, design of eBanking services, Business case for CRM as well as the definition of IT Strategy and/or IT Governance.

Banking Applications​

We partner with industry-leading technology vendors that provide a comprehensive portfolio of Banking Applications and related solutions that can help banks to simplify, consolidate and optimize their business while providing additional channels to reach new customers, upselling opportunities for existing clients and a whole new customer experience.  Examples of the banking applications in our portfolio include Branch Automation Systems, CRM, Internet and/or Mobile Banking, Debt Collections, Payment Solutions as well as Compliance solutions, like Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Basel III and Risk Management applications.

Internet Banking​

Logicom Solutions Internet Banking Solutions allows you to exceed your customers' expectations, offering them exactly what they want, when they want it. Through Logicom Solutions Internet Banking offerings, you cannot only offer the best in e-banking but also strengthen your multi-channel strategy, ensure optimum customer loyalty, attract new customers and maximize cross-selling opportunities.

Mobile Banking​

International analysts say that more people will be using mobile applications for banking than web-based options by 2019 – as a result, Logicom Solutions offers innovative Mobile banking options for its clients.

Branch of the future​

As banks fight for profitable growth and strive for redefining their interaction with clients, branches will be transformed into "community hubs" with advanced interactive technology so that consumers can do a host of retail transactions.  Logicom Solutions can help its clients to design the branch of the future.

Intermediaries Portals​

Our custom "Intermediaries Portal" enables a Financial Institution to build a strong relationship with its intermediaries/mediators, by providing the necessary tools to increase their productivity, decrease their cost and ease the way they do business so as to strengthen their loyalty. This specialized portal enables intermediaries to accelerate their customer's service and improve communication with their customers and the Financial Institution with the final objective to provide superior Quality of Service! 

Employee Portals​

One Sign-On and Single-Click access to enterprise systems empowers Employees. Personalization and localization is achieved via a user-friendly navigation, personalized information management, and multi-country/multi-lingual features. Productivity is enhanced with a unique set of features, such as collaboration (email, calendaring, and instant messaging), one-stop access to all enterprise workflow and informational tasks through "Pending Work" and "For Your Information" facilities, and Office Productivity Tools such as "PDF Maker" and "Send Fax". Last, the Employees are "self-served" through applications in their "Personal Folder".


Communicate securely and effectively within your company and with partners and customers using Logicom solutions collaboration, messaging and telepresence/video conferencing solutions. Our partners for messaging and collaboration include Cisco and Microsoft solutions.

IP Telephony and Contact Center​

Set the foundation for positive customer service, a critical factor in building a stronger business. Logicom Solutions Unified Contact Center offering combines the power of collaboration with contact center management tools that transform customer care from simple phone transactions to unique collaboration experiences that you can customize and/or integrate with CRM applications to address the needs of individual customers.

Digital Media Signage​

Increase sales, enhance customer experience, and facilitate learning through Logicom solutions comprehensive interactive media experiences (digital media signage solutions) 


The use of information systems for storage, processing and transmission of digital information has become very extensive as a result of modern society. This is particularly true today, when risks of corporate data leaks have direct impact on each company's image. Corruption of company data may bring havoc to years of efforts to maintain a reliable profile, one that inspires trust in markets. Logicom Solutions offers security solutions that cover all possible areas from information security, to perimeter, data center and application security


Logicom Solutions combines its deep expertise in cutting-edge technology along with its extensive experience in delivering complex, integrated projects on time and within budget in order to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can meet the unique business and technical requirements of each organization.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Logicom Solutions provides a host of services which cover all phases of ICT projects and all major market segments from Telco/ISP, Finance and Banking, Government, Education and Enterprise.